Talks and Resources

Elementary Tutorial on Artificial Neural Networks

January 28, 2020

Talk, Brainstation, Toronto, Canada

This hands-on tutorial served as an introduction to the principal concepts around building, training, and understanding Artificial Neural Networks (NNs).

Tutorial on Approximate Bayesian Inference using INLA

January 09, 2020

Talk, KPMG, Toronto, Canada

This is a direct application of the Integrated Nested Laplacian Approximation (INLA) framework for approximate Bayesian inference. In this tutorial we examined math achievement scores (MathAchieve in the MEMSS library) across schools and individuals as a hierarchical regression problem.

A Taste of Bayesian Hierarchical Models

August 15, 2019

Talk, Georgian Partners, Toronto, Canada

This talk gives a very brief, conceptual introduction to the Bayesian framework for hierarchical Bayesian models, with a case study of road safety in the City of Toronto.