About me

I am a Senior Data Scientist at Nextdoor, housed in San Francisco, CA. I hold an MSc (2019) and an HBSc (2015) in Statistics and Machine Learning from the University of Toronto. I am also a Lead Instructor in Data Science and Machine Learning at Brainstation.

My principal albeit ever-evolving academic interests are: Explainability, Inference, and Generalization in Machine Learning and Deep Learning, and Bayesian Inference and Computation.

I am also a dance performer and teaching assistant, currently part of Toronto’s prestigious iFreestyle Latin Dance Company.

Present and recent endeavors:

  • I’ve been selected for the 2021 Oxford ML Graduate School

  • I’ve been selected as a fellow of the Royal Statistical Society

  • I’m a mentor in the3skills’s Project Pivot professional transition program

  • I was selected for UC Berkeley’s 2020 Theory of Reinforcement Learning Bootcamp. Read more here.

  • I’m attending StanCon2020, the 24-hour Stan virtual conference!

  • I’ve been promoted to Lead Instructor at Brainstation. I focus on Machine Learning and Data Science (Statistical Learning).

  • I was the principal designer of Nulogy’s and Moz’s client-facing machine learning features.

    • Read more about Nulogy’s first one here.

For some of my work and academic proceedings please go to this website’s Projects section or my Git page above.