About me

I am a Data Scientist at Moz, housed in Seattle, WA. I hold an MSc (2019) and an HBSc (2015) in Statistical Sciences from the University of Toronto. I am also an Lead Instructor in Data Science and Machine Learning at Brainstation.

My principal albeit ever-evolving academic interests are: Explainability, Inference, and Generalization in Machine Learning and Deep Learning, and Bayesian Inference and Computation.

I am also a dance performer and teaching assistant, currently part of Toronto’s prestigious iFreestyle Latin Dance Company.

Present and recent endeavors:

  • I’ve been selected as a fellow of the Royal Statistical Society

  • I’ve been asked to be a mentor of the3skills’ [Project Pivot] professional transition program

  • I’ve been selected for UC Berkeley’s Theory of Reinforcement Learning Bootcamp. Read more here.

  • I’m attending StanCon2020, the 24-hour Stan virtual conference!

  • I’ve accepted a teaching role at Brainstation in their Toronto location, with a focus on Machine Learning and Data Science.

  • Principal designer of Nulogy’s machine learning features. Read more about the Company’s first one here.

For some of my work and academic proceedings please go to this website’s Projects section or my Git page above.