I began dancing in the year 2015 and have not stopped since. It has given me much, allowing me to travel the world and meet all sorts of people. Below is a breakdown of my training, as well as my affiliations and some notable performances:

TimeAffiliationTrainingNotable Performances
Mar 2018 - PresentiFreestyle Latin Dance CompanyNY Salsa / Mambo
Traditional Bachata
2019 Ottawa Salsaria
2019 and 2018 Toronto Salsa Fridays
2019 Toronto Salsa and Bachata Festival
2018 Canada Salsa and Bachata Congress
May 2018 - Aug 2018DanceTeq CentreElementary BalletNA
Jul 2015 - Nov 2017Steps Dance studioLA Salsa
Modern Bachata
2017 and 2016 Canada Salsa and Bachata Congresses
2017 Montreal Salsa Convention
2017 Toronto Women’s Fashion Week