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My name is Sergio E. Betancourt and I am a graduate student in Statistical Sciences at the University of Toronto (Canada).
I am also a semi-professional dancer, currently part of Toronto's prestigious iFreestyle Latin Dance Company.

Present endeavors:

My principal—albeit ever-evolving—academic interests are: Machine Learning, Health Research, Finance, Scientific Computation, and Consulting.

For samples of my work and academic proceedings please go to this website's Resources section or my Git page above.

Links and More

Cartoon of Sergio
InstitutionalUniversity of Toronto Department of Statistical Sciences
TechnologyGoogle's free, cloud-based Jupyter notebooks environment (Free albeit scant GPU): Colaboratory
Standard (open-source) statistical programming language:R / Shiny
Standard (open-source) general-purpose and ML programming language:Python / Anaconda
Industry-standard (open-source) ML programming framework and its popular neural network library:Tensorflow / Keras
Free LaTeX-centric collaborative writing and publishing system:Overleaf
Popular framework for real-time Big Data pipelines:Elastic Stack
On-demand cloud computing platform:Amazon Web Services
NewsBloomberg News
The Guardian
EntertainmentAwesome game using Euclidian geometry and constructibility

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